Birdie on Salesforce is coming soon. If you want to be notified when the release is live, send us a note at

1. Sign in to your Birdie account

If you don’t have an account, sign up here. If you do, click here to ensure you are signed in.

2. Add Birdie URL as a Remote site in your org

Open your Setup page, search for Security, and then select Remote Site Settings.

Once there, click on 'Add New Remote Site', and input the Birdie URL:

3. Install Birdie Managed Package

Click the link below to access and install the package: [App Exchange Link]

4. Add Birdie to your Service Console

Open any Case, and click on the upper left cog icon. In the menu that opens, click on "Edit Page".

This should take you to the Lightning App Builder: scroll down the left menu to find the Birdie App, and drag and drop it at the desired location - typically in the right sidebar.

Save it, and go back to your Service console. Open a case and verify that you can see the Birdie App. If not, return to 'Edit Page' and ensure you made the current screen setup available for your organization.

At this point, the Birdie app should prompt you to connect to Birdie with a large blue button: wait βœ‹. Don't connect it to Birdie until you've read the next step…

5. Create a new Salesforce user dedicated to Birdie usage

Before connecting your Salesforce app to Birdie, please note that you will need to grant some API access to Birdie. This will be done with your currently signed-in identity. If you connect to your Birdie account immediately, all future recordings from your customers will be posted on your behalf, which may not be ideal.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you create a new user that will act like a bot with a generic name, posting all recordings on its behalf. This makes messages easier to understand in your Cases.

To do this, create a new account with Salesforce platform access. Confirm its email, and sign in with that new user before proceeding to the Birdie connection.

6. Connect Birdie App

Once you are signed in with the new 'Bot' account, go to your Service Console, find the Birdie App, and now click on the blue 'Connect' button. You will be redirected to Birdie then Salesforce, which will ask you to grant access.

Once done, you should see a success screen at Birdie.

Go back to Salesforce, refresh your browser, and you should now see your fresh and new Birdie app ready to use.

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