Customize Appearance

What kind of vibe are you going for?

Go to settings -> general and enter the name and logo you want to use.

Logo guidelines
  • The file should be in JPG, SVG, PNG, or GIF format.

  • The file size should not be larger than 4 MB.

  • For best results, select a square image with a minimum dimension of 300 pixels or more (excluding SVG files).

Background Colour

Go to settings -> screen recording to select the color to match your brand

Why does Birdie override my background color with the Intercom background color?

If you are using Birdie with Intercom, Birdie will override the background color with the Intercom background color to ensure a seamless integration. This way, customers will feel that Birdie is a natural part of the Intercom flow.

White Label

Go to settings -> general to remove the entire Birdie branding.

Customers can enter text before sending a recording

This only applies to incoming recordings.

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