Outgoing Recordings: Only Workspace Members + Selected Individuals Can Watch

Restrict access to workspace members and selected individuals

This is for outgoing recordings only

If enabled:

  • unregistered teammates won't have access incomings recordings

  • Individuals outside the workspace will receive a secure link via email to access the recording. This means that an additional step is required on the customer's side.

  • Agents might be prompted to select who can view their recordings. This means that an additional step is required on the agent's side.

By default, videos can be accessed by anyone with whom you share the video URL. This is a deliberate choice as it provides a better experience. Customers and unregistred teammates can watch the videos you sent them without extra steps. In any case, it is worth mentioning that:

  • Our servers are behind a secure firewall, and all videos are uploaded over an SSL-encrypted connection.

  • Each video is associated with a unique ID that would take a computer years to guess

  • We offer an auto-deletion feature that completely removes a file from our systems, in case you want your content removed.

How to enable this privacy setting

In case you want to restrict access to workspace members and selected individuals for outgoing recordings:

  1. Make sure to invite your teammates who are not in the Birdie workspace yet. This will allow them to open the links you might send them.

On the agent side

If you initiate the recording using Birdie integration from your helpdesk, we automatically include the ticket requester's email. If we don't have it for any reason, the agent will be prompted to enter the ticket requester's email at the end of the recording.

Please note, agents can also add Selected Individuals directly from the Birdie library by specifying the email of the customer who should have access.

ℹī¸ As of today, please note that a recording can only be secured with one email.

On the customer side

When the customer attempts to view your video, a secure temporary link will be sent to that same email. This ensures that the correct person is viewing the recording.

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