Automating user provisioning

You might want to look at the general SSO set-up instructions first.

While you can hit the SCIM endpoints directly, the most common use case would to be use it for autoprovisioning within an IDP. This will let your IDP and Birdie stay in sync - when you assign users to Birdie in your IDP they will be provisioned in Birdie.

Please note that Birdie handles only sync of Users, not the Groups.

Step 1 - Generate Token

First, kindly contact our support team so we can generate a token for you. After we've handed it over, please ensure you save this token because you'll only see it once.

Step 2- Implement SCIM

The following provisioning features supported, with their endpoints, are:

Step 3- Schema for user email

Birdie will only use one email for each user account, if your server sends multiple email addresses when creating a new user, Birdie will first try to take userName, only if this attribue is a valid email. If userName is not an email, it will look for an email with attribute primary:true If no primary email was found, it will search for an email with attribute type:work And if no email was found with type work, it will take the first email of the list.

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