Add Birdie to your custom answers in Fin

Your Intercom plan has to include Custom Answers for Fin

Before proceeding with each step, I recommend watching the entire walkthrough (5 min) below:

Now, proceed with each of the following steps:

  1. Go to Automation > Fin > Profiles on Intercom, and make sure that Use Custom Answers is enabled on your Fin profile(s)

    πŸ“˜ You can read more about FIN profiles on this Intercom documentation.

  2. On Intercom, go to Automation > Custom Answers and select New Answer

    πŸ“˜ You can read more about creating Customer Answers on this Intercom documentation.

  3. Choose your questions Here is where you decide when you want Fin to display Birdie. To train the model, I recommend following the two steps below.

  4. Create your answer

Once ready, set up your customer answer live βœ…

Click here to get a list of questions you can add to your Custom Answer
  • I keep getting an error message

  • I'm experiencing strange visual glitches on the platform

  • The app is behaving unexpectedly, and it's hard to explain

  • I followed all the troubleshooting steps, but the issue is still there

  • The website layout looks broken on my screen

  • When I click on a button, nothing happens, or something different from expected occurs

  • I can't seem to replicate the issue consistently

  • The workflow process seems broken; I can't move to the next step

  • The software crashes when I perform a specific action

  • I'm having difficulty with a multi-step process, and I don't know where it's going wrong

  • The custom integration doesn't seem to work

  • The product hangs or freezes at certain points

  • Certain elements on the screen are not displaying as they should

  • I'm not receiving any error messages, but it's still not working correctly.

  • When I scroll down the page, some elements overlap or disappear

  • There's an issue with the search functionality; it's not showing the results I expect

  • I'm facing an issue with the login process; it's not what I usually experience

  • I'm seeing different behaviors between different browsers/operating systems

  • I can't customize settings or preferences; the changes don't save

  • Certain clickable elements or hyperlinks are unresponsive

  • I'm experiencing inconsistent behavior

  • It's not working as expected.

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