Add Birdie to your Ada flows


Go to Settings => Helpdesk to enable Ada. Once enabled, you'll gain access to your Birdie Request Link specific for Ada:

You can now use this link to create the flow(s) you want within Ada. Feel free to be creative, but ensure that the flow includes at least the following two steps:

Step 1: Prompt customers to record their screen by clicking on the Birdie Request Link.

Step 2: Ask customers to paste the video link once recorded. (You'll notice that, unlike usual, the final step of the recorder asks the user to copy the video link to paste it into Ada's flow.)

Example: Request a recording before transitioning the conversation to a human

This is just an example of what you can create with Birdie X Ada. In this scenario, we give customers the option to record their issue before the bot conversation is handed off to a human.

From the customer's perspective:

From the bot builder's perspective:

As you can see, we have constructed (1) a step that displays the Birdie Request Link and (2) a step that allows customers to paste their video link:

If you have a customer email variable (or any other type of customer identification variable), I suggest appending it to the Birdie Request Link URL as follows:

If you require assistance in constructing an Ada flow that includes Birdie, or would like us to review a flow you've created, don't hesitate to contact us at

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