How to allow customers to submit a ticket with a screen recording

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To allow customers to submit tickets with screen recordings, you need to add Birdie to your Freshdesk Portal


Add Birdie to your Freshdesk Portal:

I want to change the message of the button ๐Ÿ–Š

Our code comes with pre-set messages for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. You can customize these messages or add your own translations.

Before you paste your code into your Freshdesk Portal layout, add a Settings object with translated keys:

// those are all the default strings you may want to change:
window.birdieSettings = {
  freshdesk_form: {
  	button_label_start: "Record my screen",
  	button_label_stop: "Stop recording",
  	button_label_show: "Show Recorder",
  	tip_message: "๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Add a screen recording to your request",
  	email_error_message: "Enter a valid email address",
  	success_message: "Here is the recording:"

if (navigator.language == "de") {
	// you can customize german strings:
	window.birdieSettings = {
	  freshdesk_form: {
	  	button_label_start: "Nehmen Sie meinen Bildschirm auf",
	  	button_label_stop: "Hรถre auf, aufzunehmen",
	  	button_label_show: "Rekorder anzeigen",
	  	tip_message: "๐Ÿ’ก Tipp: Fรผgen Sie Ihrer Anfrage eine Bildschirmaufnahme hinzu",
	  	email_error_message: "Geben Sie eine gรผltige email ein",
	  	success_message: "Hier ist die Aufzeichnung :"
} else if (navigator.language == "ru") {
	// or customize russian strings, etc. 

<!-- Then paste here your snippet found in your Birdie Freshdesk Settings pageโ€ฆ -->
<!-- https://app.birdie.so/settings#freshdesk --> 
I can't see the Birdie button on the portal

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