Capture Network activity & Console logs

How to collect console logs alongside screen recordings

Requirement: Birdie snippet needs to be installed

In case of complex troubleshooting (eg. you can't replicate the issue on your own environment), console logs are very handy. Birdie will also capture Fetch and XHR requests made during the recording.

Birdie prevents your team from having to ask customers to open their network activity and console logs.

Go to settings -> screen recording to enable network activity and console logs for Screen Recordings.

What if my user has more than 1 window open?

If more than one browser tab is open with your web app, we will always display the console logs coming from the latest active tab (or window). If the user switches tabs during a recording, the console will also switch to the new focused tab, and it will be notified in the console flow with a "Tab switch" event.

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